Why use medical cannabis with chemicals when you can use them without?

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Orange Guard is used as a concentrate when used as a pesticide on medical cannabis plants - in order to achieve a breakthrough in the world of medical cannabis worldwide and in Israel, efficacy tests have been made with Orange Guard directly on the cannabis plants as a pest control, in the aim of achieving medical cannabis without using poisonous pesticides. 
The results were amazing!

Orange Guard is an organic pest control product approved by the renowned worldwide organization OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute).
All ingredients within Orange Guard are on the FDA list as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) as food additives.  

How does Orange Guard kill and repel insects, and for how long?

D-Limonene (orange peel extract) is the active ingredient which destroys the wax coating of the insects’ respiratory system, causing the insect to suffocate. Therefore, so as to kill the unwanted insects, Orange Guard needs to sprayed directly on to the inseccts.
So as not to ruin the plant, please use the correct dilution rate. 

Orange Guard also acts as a repellant. The effects will last for days if not several weeks. 

IsraelWith trials made in Israel, the dilution rate advisable is 1 part Orange Guard to 6 parts water. 
"On blossoming medical cannabis flowers on a large scale trials at a dilution rate of 6 to 1, the webs of the mites were repelled for a week which is a huge achievement for us..."
"You can spray directly onto the plant (it does not leave any smell or flavor residue)." 
Orange Guard is used globally as a concentrate, therefore, it is imperative that you dilute it before use.  

WorldwideWhen there is a large infestation of insects - mainly spider mites who is a known enemy of the medical cannabis plant, then it is advised to spray Orange Guard at a dilution rate of 1 to 6 whilst spraying directly on to the plant. It is also proved to be efficient at a dilution rate of 1 to 8 and as a preventative on going treatment.
Orange Guard also kills and repels a large number of other pests like
spider mites, flying insects, aphids, leaf hoppers, scale insects, mealy bugs, white flies, lace bugs, and many more. 
Orange Guard is also effective for the plant diseases such as: rust, powder mildew, funguses, the bacterium that causes walnut gall - plant cancer. 

Field Trials Conclusion:
Make sure you completely cover the plant from both sides of the leaves once a week. 
For each 100ml of Orange Guard: dilute with 600ml of water.

Unique product: 
1. The active ingredient in Orange Guard is D-Limonene, and as you know, the D-Limonene already exists in the medical cannabis plant (it is part of the plant itself). Therefore, even if the plant is sprayed a day before harvest, no pesticide will be seen on the medical cannabis plant.
2. The ingredients in Orange Guard do not change its conformation when it is burned.
3. Orange Guard can be sprayed directly onto the flower / bud.
4. Orange Guard has a secret ingredient which stops it the d-limonene from breaking up when coming in contact with the air. This is the reason why Orange Guard is the most effective product containing D-Limonene.
5. Orange Guard also kills and repels a large number of other pests like spider mites, flying insects, aphids, leaf hoppers, scale insects, mealy bugs, white flies, lace bugs, and many more.

Orange Guard in the Media

31-10-2017 Magazine THC&CBD: Medical Cannabis plant containing D-Limonene, Orange Guard based on D-Limonene. 

07/09/2017 - 103FM Radio: "Ayala Hasson: Medical Cannabis is sprayed with poisonous pesticides! Orange Guard is the Solution!"

03/09/2017 - Yedioth Ahronot 24 hours: Pest Control Industry is an unregulated open market"

23/08/2016: "Cannabis" magazine: 10 ways of getting rid of unwanted insects without using pesticides"

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