Hadbara Organit Ltd‚ fights global warming in Israel...
Hadbara Organit Ltd Donates to Keren Kayemeth.
Hadbara Organit Ltd’s commitment in improving our health through organic and natural pest control does not end there. In December 2008, they joined with KKL to plant trees in order to fight global warming in Israel. Our forests and woodlands help combat desertification and improve the carbon balance in the environment. Our mission is to create a wide spread concern for our land, and to help our country not be part of a larger deforestation epidemic.

Our donation to Keren Kayement will hopefully jump start a new era of donations through pest control. We would like to invite our customers to take a moment of thought, and perhaps enjoy the happiness we feel in planting a tree to make Israel a greener and more healthy place.

If you would like to donate, please fill in our form on our contact us page, and a representative will contact you as to how you can truly be part of this global change.

Hadbara Organit Ltd is a strong believer in conserving our environment, not only by offering organic and natural home pest control, but in reinstating the notion of caring for our environment.

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