Corn Guard

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"Corn Guard" A naturally deriven rodenticide.

New Product
100% natural non toxic for the eradication of rodents
Derived from 95% powdered Corn Cob and 5% Cellulose
Does not cause secondary poisoning and rodents are unable to develop immunity to the product
Easy and simple to use anywhere, no need for bait trays
Highly effective, and even more so than conventional rodenticides in the market today

The only product in the world which is non toxic to children or pets, and does not pollute the environment (does not contain anticoagulents).
Corn Guard has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment, license number 588.

Non Toxic! to children, adults, pets, dogs, cats, farm animals and nature
Not Dangerous! does not cause secondary poisoning to pets and birds
Not Dangerous! to the Environment! Does not pollute food or water sources
Not Dangerous! 100% Biodegradable
Not Dangerous! can be places inside the home, garden, fields, streets, factories etc...
Not Dangerous! when in contact with skin, does not require gloves

Corn Guard has proven its efficiency also in Israel! The IDF tried the product and results were excellent (see report).

Instructions for use:
1. Prior to treatment all likely food sources must be removed or made unavailable to rodents.
2. Look for traces of rodents (for example faeces).
3. Place bait into bait trays in infested area.
4. Where there is alternative food sources, it is recommended to use the natural gel bait which you received along with corn guard. Smear a small amount on gel on the bottom of the tray and place the corn guard on top.
5. If and when there are also rats in the gutters, place a large quantity of corn guard in the sachets, make several small holes in the sachet, and spread a thin layer of gel bait on the outside of the sachet. It is recommended to tie the bag to a piece of string so as to avoid it being washed up in the sewage. 
6. When the product has been eaten, top it up all the time.
7. If no rodents have been seen post treatment, keep the trays with the corn guard for an extra 48 hours.
8. Use the product according to the label instructions which has been approved by the Minsitry of the Environment.

Where can I purchase Corn Guard?

Corn Guard can be purchased at the Mashbir la Chaklai, Amir Chaklaut and more stores across the country which you can see on page: Shops 2
Present! Gel Bait with each purchase.
Corn Guard is sold in tubs of: 3kg and 7kg.

The Current Situation in Israel:
Each year children are intoxicated from ingestion of reodenticides and need to be hospitalized. As per the statistics of "Beterem" 63% of all poisonings due to pest control products in Israel are from toxic Rodenticides.
Each year thousands of dogs and cats are killed due to rodenticide ingestion. Morevoer, a large number of protected animals are also intoxicated each year from mistakingly ingesting toxic rodenticides. 
Secondary poisoning is very common whereby an animal will ingest a rodent who has ingested a toxic rodenticide and will subsequently die.

Corn Guard around the World:
Corn Guard has successfully been sold and used in numerous countries in Europe and around the globe such as: UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, South Africa. Some countries have been using it for over 14 years already.
In July 2013, the European Commission decided that as of the 1st of February 2015, any rodenticide which contains powdered corn cob will receive an automatic registration, thus not needing to register it in each individual country. The reasons behind this decision is to stop the poisoning of children and pets and of course to stop polluting the environment with the use of toxic rodenticides. As of 2014 Germany has decided to restrict the use of toxic rodenticides, and to turn to non toxic rodenticide such as Corn Guard for eradication of rodents throughout the country.

How does Corn Guard kill the Rats and Mice without harming children, pets and the environment?
Corn Guard contains 95% powdered corn cob and 5% cellulose (which is the attractant). Of course, these two ingredients are non toxic to children, pets, nor the environment, and are on the FDA list as food additives. Rats and mice are unable to digest the powdered corn cob and thus causing them to dehydrate. The corn cob absorbs the liquids in the intestine, causing low blood pressure, coma, and thereafter a heart attack and death. 

How safe is the use of Corn Guard?
100% safe due to the fact that there are no toxic ingredients within the final product. Professional testings were made on humans who ingested Corn Guard during 3 weeks and were observed to see if there were any side effects. None were recorded. Tests were also done in professional laboratories and approved farm areas on dogs, cats, chicken, rabbits, and no side effects nor deaths were recorded. Only rodents die from ingesting Corn Guard due to the fact that their digestive system is different from any other animal or human. 

Several Youtube video's have been created to assist you in using Corn Guard in rodent infested areas. There are also video's which show Corn Guard's efficacy.
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