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Corn Guard - 100% green, natural pest control product against Rats and Mice based on corn cob.
Corn Guard non toxic! to children, adults, pets, dogs, cats, farm animals and nature. No need for bait traps, can be placed inside the home, garden, fields, streets, factories etc.. and is 100% biodegradable.

Not Dangerous! Does not irritate the skin, no need for gloves. Corn Guard can be purchased at the "Mashbir La Chaklai", "Amir Chaklaut", and more stores acorss the country which you can see on page Shops 2.
Corn Guard has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment, license number 588.

Corn Guard has proven its efficiency also in Israel! The IDF tried the product and results were excellent (see report).

Exterminate unwanted pests yourself. Exterminate cockroaches, ants (including fire ants), mosquitos, fleas, food and clothes moths using only Organic and Natural Products with a citrus scent called Orange Guard Israel. The product can be purchased in one of the nature stores shown on our shops 1 page. Numerous articles have been written about Orange Guard, some of which can be seen on our News page.
Orange Guard Israel has been approved by the Ministry of the Environment, license number 503.

Order professional pest control to your home who will use organic and natural products derived from corn cob and orange peel extract known as Corn Guard and Orange Guard Israel to eliminate unwanted pests. 
Neither you or your pets need to leave your home after the extermination.
Exterminates without a gas mask.



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